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On a warm San Franciscan Night...

[Verse 1]
Knight Lord Radio and Hale Bopp the Bay Bridge faded,
Tryin' to find Smiley's house, thank God we made it
Yo, blunts, broads and beats, keep it low through the streets
And niggas givin' us pounds 'cause of these dope-ass sounds
We run aground like ships over these beats I flips
The bass is hittin' so hard that your CD skips
Well check it out, make sure it doesn't happen again
I got my grip on it, to turn it up to volume ten
Volume ten? Word, like that brother from LA
Lord Radio and Hale Bopp be streakin' through the Bay
We all-city like the Mayor
You see my name on more fresh shit than Creed Taylor
The G for international ladies like a sailor,
Like a sailor I gets drunk and bust flows to the beat
Like my man J, I feel the Agony in Defeat
Cause sucka-chumps wanna test, step like we don't know
We doin', we doin' shows in San Francisco
That's right young writer, got a hit for all you biters
Time to bless another track, we gettin' rid of the wack
We put 'em in the back with the other Tappan Zee shit
Beats hit hard, make the trolleys do ollies
Old folks grabs their collies and vacate the bay
See our name in Northern Lights, Thes Love and Double K
We gettin' wild for the night, we gettin' wild for the night
And it all went down, a what, what

On a warm San Franciscan night
Yo, rockin' shows for you and your crew
On a warm San Franciscan night
We rollin' blunts and doin' the do
On a warm San Franciscan night
We doin shows wit a mic check a one two
On a warm San Franciscan night
PUTS on the back, but we're comin' through
On a warm San Franciscan night

[Verse 2]
We was drinkin', smokin', more smokin', more drinkin'
Didn't think about the morning hangover, just didn't want to be sober
Yo Radio, tell me how did you feel,
Like I'll never catch a DUI, hit gas, peel
Make a left on Market, yo Mr. Double K
Ay, ay what's up?
Roll up the windows and spark
Done deal, yo, you didn't have to ask twice
Smokin' on top of the hill so we can peep the city lights
I'm on award tour, we got it locked like Alcatraz
Doin' a San Francisco show like Hubert Laws
CTI 7071, go buy it
Bring the drums like Harvey Mason, don't try it
Better luck next time, tryin' to step to the P
You in the Bay, punk, I guess you ain't heard about LA
Yo Double K, tell 'em that the P's unique with the beats
The PUTS show's a San Francisco treat
A San Francisco treat just like some Rice-A-Roni
Put it in your mouth and let it run down the middle just like Monie
Phony homie, you'll never rock a party
Your wack-ass crew gets called out
See I play the rod-roddy, come on now
To the Southland punks have you feelin the concrete
Have you askin' questions from your hands to your feet
You don't want to do the shit that I'm offering
Sayin that P can't rock your city, (what) who, you make a fool
Very often we win, yo very sueldom we lose
Spice rockin' yo mother-fuckin whole city

On A Warm San Francisco Night
Yo, rollin blunts and doin the do (the do, the do)
On A Warm San Francisco Night
Chillin wit your girl and her crew (her crew, her crew)
On A Warm San Francisco Night
Scaring old people, still doin the do (we're doin the do)

Yeah, making collect calls to another area code, we mowed
We be the 310, we be the main extension I be the Double K
And we crowning, ounces, vodka, whatever, juice, loose,
San Francisco here we come, we're comin' back we gonna have some fun
Much love to the Bay Area
(On a warm San Franciscan...)
Rockin' the disco, startin' a fight
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