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Problem melden

Time to Rock Our Shit Songtext

(Freak it now)
Knights will come, be advised
They'll come for them
Be advised they'll come
Someone's sure that they'll be here

(Double K)
Yo Thes, what (what up?)
Can you rock the mic?

(Thes One)
A ha ha, my mellow my man, it's like ridin' a bike
Uh, Double K

(Double K)
What's Up?

(Thes One)
Can you rock it?

(Double K)
Like ridin' a bike, but only with training wheels
So what, shoot the gift and let them know the deal

(Thes One)
I shoot the gift like NRA members on Christmas
Morning warning rock MCs like isthmus like a principal

I'm the principal, our crew's invincible
Under The Stairs
Impairs auditroy of your whole municipal (municipal?)
Code area, attack like malaria
Concrete jungle bundle of joy
With bobby-boys
It's scary to think our tape destroys your crew's hopes (what?)
I can't cope with that, say no
Put it on a DAT, Double K
'Cause everything I say will one day give away
Or another recovered in it's original place
Signify this straight caligrified verse
Petrified rock, put your goddamn block in a herse

(Thes One)
Only thing worse, chaos bursts the eardrums, the P
Making the beats and rhymes funkally-dunkally
Fat like chunky here, but not out for radio play
Here's a crew washing the wax my mind space
Tight A, not Navy deals, no way
Pets for three sixty five days
I add a fourth 'cause I leap year
I leave tracks like Amtrack
Battles the P and Superman
After that your crew will try and forget like Izoin(?)
It's the Amistad, man Beckets(?) know it better
I rip it all up like a letter for the principal


(Thes One)
Chaos bursts...(Double K cuts in)

(Double K)
(Unintelligible) my crew bad as milk
That's one, lace the track
Like a blunt with the weird smell
Nigga, your stunned
Other from the brothers with another monkey(?) shit
Put the viddy(?) on the stick and make sure it don't skip
Hip-Hoppin is rarest, punk
You know you wanna admit it
All these crews runnin around with wack tracks
They don't get it, the gettin distressed (word?)
They gettin me mad

(Thes One)
So what you sayin, Double K?

(Double K)
Just put that shit on my tab
Don't feel like dealin' with it now
I'll deal with it later
See, the mic's in my possesion
Yo, so while she did it
To the minmute
Stupid frontin' since we first stepped in
Brought it back a couple of times
Now you give it a grin
First you tell your homey,
"Yeah man, that shit's fresh!"
Didn't know this kinda shit could be lurkin' the west
We puttin' hair on your chest
We flow with no hesitation
Late radio stations ain't allowed on these premesis
Millions hearin' this
Late at night like domestic violece
Smackin' you the fuck up
Until we get some silence (word)
Keep you like Judge Judy on the mic
Puttin' up a fight
Rollin' hard 'till the break of daylight
So next time you corny niggas wanna come hardcore
Go listen to 'Lil Kim (word...)

"What's the time? Time to rock our shit"
(Scratched until end in various ways)
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
Vor 2 Tagen
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
Barbara Schöneberger: Kein Luxus für die Kids
Vor 15 Stunden
Barbara Schöneberger: Kein Luxus für die Kids

Album The Next Step (1998)

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