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The Double K Show Songtext

It's not turntablism, it's hip hop
It's not turntablism, it's hip hop
It's just what it is

You got a DJ, I guess that's nice
He practises his stunts while mine rolls fat blunts
And dices the ones and two's
Double K troubling crews
That can't understand the way his hands move
God given gift of being swift on the tables
Try and copy his cuts, you're nuts and not able
The RCA cable can barely transmit it
Stepping using his weapons you're tripping kid forget it
Cause he can keep it on beat tranforming quicker
And serve that ass like a cold glass of hard liquor, the jack tripper
Probably even rocked the regal degal
As Double works the needle like a sweatshop illegal
I've seen him rock a wedding and everybody was sweatin
He did it in the DMC cos don't keep me forgetting
It's not about a routine, but how hard you rock
From touring oas to guesting parties on the block
He's a one man, comparable to thunder
You see him before you hear him and that's why crews fear him
A big motherfucker controlling the ones and twos
Fat black DJ like them old school grooves


Now I can macaroni in the two techniques
Still chilling like Norman Rogers with my hands out speed
I'm never hamster using I'm crossfader cruising
Slip mats and hard liquors be the tools that I'm using
DJ, gather around, check out the way it gets done
I don't need no headphones, they get in my way son
So watch me get busy like a telephone line
Ey yo, it's DJ Double K I said I'm going for mine

Lilly Becker: Boris geht es “gut”
Vor 2 Tagen
Lilly Becker: Boris geht es “gut”
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Sara Kulka würde gerne zu ‚Let’s Dance‘
People Under the Stairs - The Double K Show
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