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Tales of Kidd Drunkadelic Songtext

Yo... check it out
One time for ya' mizzle...

Old English 800, or the Genuine Draft
Livin' the High Life is still reserved when it's bad
You can say I have a problem and I say they help me solve 'em
Drinkin' 40's wit' my nigga dog and all the dudes who bought 'em
It seems I have evolved in to this party animal
I be drunk and talkin' shit, while you pricks take it light
Get off the mic and let me babble 'bout the days of old
When I was young and didn't know ice teas could be so cold
All I knew was colors
And that stuff my mom made
Nowadays I drink it just like it's the purple kool aid
Bro go easy on the ice and add a little more Smirnoff
So by the time I reach the bottom I can be clear raw
Don't think it's 'bout to end I say it's 'bout to begin
Take off my shirt, show my belly, offend a few of my friends
You can ask Kid Lex
We be doin' the most on Melrose with a fifth in hand, yellin' at hoes
And ain't gettin' no play from the ladies who pass
Shit, we're drunk, breath stinkin' without a inch of class
And that's alright with me, cuz baby I'm the Big Mac

I'm 'bout to cop a fat sack
Niggas be like "Every time I see you K, you drunk."
Remarks like that will get 'em judged as a punk
You ain't crunk, buddy
I'll take your latest hip-hop money
Divide it with my friends so we can all get funny
Keep your thoughts to yourself, cuz on the real cousin', I'm buzzin'
Tell your peoples I'm a mothafucka case they thought I wasn't
Mom said: "Chill out or watch your life go down"
Saw what happened to a friend,
Well it won't happen again
And I promise: most functional, this bottle here's my petrol
Force field for the unreal,
I got no time to kill
Plus the first time I took a nip I didn't sip
Couple of wine coolers felt exactly what it was
What a buzz!
Had the young Double stone-knocked-out
Like a sucka who step and pose a threat when I'm wet
You can call me what you want a damn drunk or a fool
But I'm the first to pass out and make the shit look cool
Incidents like that are few like the crew drinkin' Zima or Tequiza
That's for women
Somebody pass the gin and Powerade
Yo it's also time to drink
Get off the track
Imma chill with my buddies and toss a few back...
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People Under the Stairs - Tales of Kidd Drunkadelic
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