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Keepin’ It Live Songtext

What you mean I ain't making no money off this hip-hop shit?
Yeah, I know this is all I do is stay up and make beats
You know, this is how we make our living
This is what the people want us to do
Nah, I'm not gonna get a job there
I'm not gonna work there, all day at The Gap
Fuck it, hey, come over here, let's listen to Thes One

Check it out, it was me and Double K in my room in 95
Beatboxing on the mic, recording the tape live
Before we arrived on the scene, you know what I mean
When it was all about... I forgot, man forget it
See now the P is sweated as a global event
But it seems those closest to me seem the least to care
When it was "Rah-rah, y'all can do it" back in the day
Now it's like 3 hours deep and "When are you getting paid?"
My records are played, I sleep smiling every night
But when I wake up, it's something else, a whole new fight
Like cats double crossing me, that I try and help out
If it wasn't for me and Double that shit wouldn't come out
So recognize whose the guys devoting they life to it
Sacrificed stability to flex our ability
Prove the inner artillery
I can't chill until we fufill the plan of having mic's in the hand
The sole reason I was cast down on this land
Is to sit in front of the MPC and turn the bland into the flambay
Things to play to make your day
Same shit 10 years ago I'm doing today
And 10 years from now, so don't ask how or even why
B-boy for life, fuck a suit and a tie
Cuz I'll know I made a difference on the day that I die
Aiyyo, I b-boy for life so fuck a suit and a tie

Yeah... I feel you man
She be talking that ole bullshit, you know
You know, maybe you should get out and go get a job, ya know
Or--or, we can't spend enough time, ya know what I'm saying?
Just like you, maan, Big Thes man,
I done spent all my life tryna do this hip-hop shit
Think it was like 95-96, when I...

Perfected my track skills on the SP
Murdered 10 seconds in a minute, peers couldn't get it
Mike was walking on water, my brother you shoulda seen it
Got ate up in some rap battles, I'm here to redeem it
Like a rain check hustler, scoping the aisles
Chocking lyrics making beats just to keep it on file
With the ADAT Zip on the floppy I'm never coming sloppy
No reason to copy niggas, I'm dope so go figure
Not conceided nigga, I'm confident when I'm dropping it
Hold the microphone firm, let the lyrics burn
Like the buddha to the sherm
I'm mellow with one word, two, let it cage,
Bringing better days when I bust
Stay grounded with my head in the clouds and thats a must
Ya know, just a piece in my hip-hop black book
Outlining the track y'all watch for the hook
Filling in my ideas, here to keep your style shook
Never rapping like niggas just to be in the game
I'm coming from the inside so y'all remember my name
Yo, it's the K Dub, trouble bringing, the notorious one
Couldn't be stopped, keeping these sucka crews on the run, ya dig it?
No matter what y'all say, do or know, it's me and Thes One maintaining the... uhh...

Ya know how it goes, man... it's me and Thes One, like always, it's two of us...
Keepin' it live... keepin' it fresh... I dunno man...
Sometimes I just feel like we can't take it no more
Like we just gonna bust back ya know battle rapping, backpacking
Yeah... yeah... we backrapping...
Backrapping and slapping all you fools in the face
You just a... you just a...
Just a disgrace to the... to the. to the. yeah
I like how it sounds right there, man...
It's real, real mellow, real jazzy like, ya dig
Oww... word up... oww... word up... ow... word up...
Thes One and uh, the Double, get live and my man the...
Get live, and we in the house... yeah... he's with The Double.
Y-ye-yeah, he in the house and... we all in the house and...
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People Under the Stairs - Keepin’ It Live
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