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Look all around you there's a war that's going on A struggle against the odds that's
Breaking out and must be won They're getting ready with the weapons they have found
Take inspiration from the sound See it in the faces of the people everyday We need to
Take control and find some ammo right away our cause is righteous and we're gonna
Have our say Get ready for the judgement day Go ahead and try Or kiss your ass
Good-bye People of society are running for their lives Get up now and go Or your never
Gonna know Never gonna make it in your houses lying low Give it one good try Give it all
And fight till you die A puppet government their dying in the streets Families are breaking
Up cause underpaids can't make ends meet The establishment has put their money
Underground Cause they all know what's coming down A lucky precious few with
Money in their banks Can't imagine what it's like to find yourself in homeless ranks
They've got no conscience for the ones who won't survive The time for payback has
Arrived All alone in your own society outside are the cries of lives in misery an evil plot
Of a false democracy subjugating souls just dying to be free
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