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God Save the USA Songtext

God you must be kidding me, thought this was supposed to be
The home of the brave and the free for you and me
But now there's something wrong
Shit's been going on too long.
It's never gonna change, there's no way I say.
What's the CIA and the NRA.?
They're all the same
Just the names are changed.
There's no excuse
Any way you lose.
It's all a joke in the god old U.S.A.
All we need is more factories pumping filth into the sky.
Corporate greed and perverted priests, it's the story of our lives.
And apathy's the national disease and there is no end in sight.
God save the USA
Blame the president and say your prayers tonight.
The irony of liberty is no one here is truly free
When elections are stolen by the G.O.P.
So watch the nightly news - find out how you are getting screwed.
What you gonna do ?
There's no use I say
Fuck the industry
The aristocracy
Fuck they're all the same
Just the names are changed.
Fuck ther's no excuse, any way you lose.
It's all a joke in the good old U.S.A.
Government hypocricy
American Idolatry
Corporate philosophy.
Nightly news of tragedies
Where no one cares what's right or wrong
Our heroes now are all long gone
The freedoms that we all abuse
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Pennywise - God Save the USA
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