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Revolution Songtext

As we walk through these troubled
Times we struggle through this so
Called life waiting for something to
Change and now all hope is gone the
Pain Has Lingered far to long black is
A sky Filled with rage it's been too
Long we're holding on we'll right this
Wrong and fight on we will remember
Today Let me hear You say woah we
We wan a revolution now's the time for
Retribution say it again that's right
Yesterday is a memory your fading
Light will set us free free from these
Thoughts of despair your end is
Coming fast we're moving forward we
Won't look back the message will be
Loud and clear we stood tall in the
Poring rain our bodies broken our
Hearts are brave one million strong
We cannot fall it's all for one and one
For all We want a revolution we're
Living for today it's time for resolution
And we will remember we want a revolution
It's time we had our say we want a revolution
And we will remember today
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Pennywise - Revolution
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