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Awaken the Dragon - Millenium Two Songtext
von Pazuzu

As I stood here at the break of eternity the planets realined to hide the sun.
The moon was red and the sky turns black - the Dragon roared in rage.
And I was silent, waiting for a sign, but on the ninth day the earth did not open.
There was thunder but no rain - the Dragon howled five names.
Seven prophets without faces hiding behind the ancient hills.
Fourteen and two servants a lined at their side - the Dragon's eye ablaze.
Finally, an eclipse. Voices muttering ancient tongues.
Beast long dead, had rearisen awaken the mighty Dragon.
On the twenty-third day, a mighty earthquake shook the soil.
From each wind came four riders to rob the Dragon's slumber.
The world had reached the final stage.
Among the stars; the Dragon's breath invoked a mighty storm.
Awaken the immortal Dragon - the emperor of time.
Gülcan Kamps: Bald ist es soweit!
Vor 2 Stunden
Gülcan Kamps: Bald ist es soweit!
Patricia Kelly: So geht es ihr
Vor 2 Stunden
Patricia Kelly: So geht es ihr

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Pazuzu - Awaken the Dragon - Millenium Two
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