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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cold Blooded Songtext

Y'all no nothing about the pimp game
I wanna thank Rick James for letting me do this song
Who are you?(who are you?)
Girl who do you belong to?
Girl I think you're hot!
What words will I describe
There's no dictionary book
To explain how you look
Because I think you're hot!
Girl I think you're hot!
Girl what's your name and number?
Girl you think I'm hot!
To get to know each other
You couldn't trade me for another!
Cause I think you're so!
Touch me girl where I want to me touched
Don't ever complain, gotcha in a
Cobra clutch
Love me tender, love me sweet
I wanna bust this nut in a
Great skin never do a do or dare
I wanna undress you, hold your loosie tight
And I won't cum all night!
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