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Michael Jackson - Dear Michael Songtext

She wrote: "Dear Michael,
You'll probably never get this letter, Michael
I wrote you hundred times before
Knowing how I feel I'll a hundred more

Dear Michael,
Every time your records ???, Michael
I close my eyes and sing along
Dreaming you're singing to me"

And then she wrote: "Michael, I love you
I held the tears back (as) long as I can
I'm sealing my feelings in this envelope
'cause I wanna be more than just your number one fan"

I'm gonna answer your letter
(I'll start) beginning with the ABCs of loving you
Your letter really touched my heart
I've been dreaming of meeting the picture
That you send along
Signed with all your love

I'm gonna write you back, I promise you that

Girl, I think I love you

Hurry hurry, Mr. postman
Take my letter, tell her I love her

Hurry hurry, Mr. postman
Take my letetr
Tell her I love her
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