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Get out of My Bed Lyrics


Mark Medlock - Get out of My Bed Songtext

Baby baby,will this love survive? Oh you make me crazy but I feel like paradise.
Baby maybe you're the owner of my heart, sooner or later oh I know you break my heart.
I can't stop love,take me to the clouds above, baby baby I can't stop love, baby I can't get enough.

Chorus:Get out of my bed now,bed now,get into my dreams tonight,
Come give me some love joy,love joy, we're dancing side by side.
Get out of my bed now,bed now, get into my life tonight,
I'll be your love toy, love toy, come let it feel alight.

Lady,lady,this love is so bizarre, coz you're so lazy,behaving like a superstar.
Lady lady,what you give is what you get, now or never,oh you driving me so mad.
Step by step your love will drive me mad, baby step by step, please don't make me sad.

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