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Mark Medlock - Fly with Me Songtext

Nights they're telling me lies
You broke my heart, what a surprise
Nights they fooling my heart
After you've gone, you tore apart
Baby, I was guilty, guilty and not true.
Baby, I'm so hooked on you

Fly with me, my girl,
Fly with me above to a secret heaven
Show me all your love
Close your eyes till we count to seven
Fly with me, my girl
What is here today, is gone tomorrow
You're so good to me, baby
Will I lose my fears and sorrows?

Days are telling the truth
And sometimes it's hard for me and you
Days they're brightening the dawn
They hurt so much after you're gone
Baby, please, forgive me
Forgive me what I've done
Oh baby, my love is strong!


Fly with me, Fly with me...


... is gone tomorrow
Come and take my wings and fly away with me
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