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Everytime You Go Away Lyrics

Everytime you go away

Everytime ? baby, baby ? mmmmmh yeah

Oh, I can't belive that you're loving me ? baby
Oh, why you are lieing and why you are fooling my heart
Oh, what can I say, you're making me crazy
You're killing me softly,
Baby, just right from the start
Belive me - I need you, I'll touch you, I'll tease you ? tonight

Everytime you go away
Baby, you take away my heaven - oooh I know
Everytime you go away
Oh, it's more then my heart could hold
Everytime I see you crying
It's a deep cut in my broken heart
'long time I feel lieing dieing
Maybe don't tear apart

Baby we're standing miles from nowhere
And I can not loose
Baby, what I never had
Can't keep a good man ? oh no, I swear
Baby I'm sure ? maybe you're driving me mad
Belive me I need you, I'll touch you, I'll tease you - tonight


Yeah ? huuhhhhhhh
Everytime ? my baby
Oh ? everytime you go away


Everytime you go away
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