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[ VERSE 1: J. Sands ]
Yo, what I need for you to do is just listen
Open up your ears cause what you hear is mint condition
Type shit that you bump when you be out on a mission
Bendin city blocks in a Range or Expedition, or whatever you're pushin
If you're trekin get a walkman and some headphones with cushion
J. Rawls, what you think, some of these rappers are douchin?
(Yeeaaah!) Cause they actin real sweet with the glamor and glitz
Soft to ???? hardrocks when the camera clicks
Test me, then you and your whole fam'll get ripped
See, I'm not the DJ, but still the man in the mix
Easily handle this quick, then testify to the Most High
I didn't mean to do it but my temperature's blew it
Suckers put up fronts but yo, I see right through it
Like H2O fluid in a glass container
So when it's all said and done there will be one remainder
(The Lone Catalysts) zuong! while you're in a hanger
33 000 feet above, get enough love
You know why, you know why?

[ CHORUS (2x) ]
Because everywhere we go people seem to know
The the Lone Catalysts will rock the show
Make all the ladies say (aaaw!) fellas say (hooo!)
Then collect the dough cause we are the pros

[ VERSE 2: J. Sands ]
The Lone Catalysts, professionals at this
I mean, the rhymes, the loops, the snares, the kicks
Ain't no joke, baby paw, this is as good as it gets
A lotta y'all with the raps and beats just seem to miss
Like you ain't tryin hard e-nough to be part of
The most elite, you can't compete, so why bother?
Swimmin with the sharks when you can barely thread the water?
This is the pros, you're amateur, not a starter
You need to take time out
To properly learn how to spit your rhyme out
I mean seriously, du
Can't you see that this industry is all about loot?
So if you're comin with the wack you'll never recoup
And that doesn't make sense, to not make sense
When you're supplyin the demand with the rhymes you invent
It's simplistic, but don't get it twisted
Cause you still gotta know the logistics or you'll just be a statistic
At home snack up on a two piece and a bisquit?
My point: you're findin ???? in case you missed it


[ VERSE 3: J. Sands ]
One time for your mind, two times for your body
Three times for your soul, fourth time I take control
With my man J. Rawls about to break the mold
Under pressure never fold cause the hand that we hold
Is laced tight with the trump that makes you bump-bump
Don't front, cause suckers look chump right from the jump
When they act like they want to battle against the monk
Usually they probably drunk or feelin it from the skunk
It's a sobering effect once we snap that neck like Erick and Parrish
Even your peeps will be embarrassed
So why you wan test against a strong guest
Who you know gon' bless the East Columbus
Style, we originated strictly from this
Way I lay my vocals to his drum kicks
With one swift paragraph I enlist
You and yours to explore with the Catalysts


( *ad libs* )

Lone Catalysts
J. Sands and Rawls is how we do
No amateurs allowed on the session tonight
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Album Hip Hop (2001)

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