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[ CHORUS: J. Sands ]
Yo, it's the Lone to the Cata, Cata to the -lysts
Yo, I'm just a solo MC, it's like this
Rawls makes the beats that make you shake your hips
Lone to the Cata, Cata to the -lysts
Yo, Lone to the Cata, Cata to the -lysts
Experimentin with styles like scientists
No matter what your name is, you can still get dissed
Cause it's the Lone to the Cata, Cata to the -lysts

[ VERSE 1: J. Sands ]
Yo, it all began around '84, snatchin candy out the bus store
Now&Laters, Lemonheads, then we fled through backyards
Duckin police, shorties were trackstars
Hoppin fences, dividin candy on the benches
Is what we did, ???? jocks and color tube socks
Huffies were the shit, I pop a Willie and go two blocks
Easy, without fallin, Stevie took his ball when
We did pick him for hoopin, 21 Chicago
I rocked 33, I was Kareem without the goggles
Ridin skateboards downhills made wheels wobble
The fast life, niggas get stuck with broken bottles
My cousin Pablo got bagged for coke and wrote a novel
Saturday, put the tape in the radio
So I could dub the latest from Flash and Kurtis Blow
From 'The Breaks' to 'The Message' I learned every word
Yo check it, I'm in the shower rockin rhymes butt-naked
The birth of a MC at the age of 13
Right before crack turned dimes to burnt fiends
Hip-hop was like the beatuy in the Jet magazine
Had me open, addicted to rap like chain smokin
Writin rhymes everywhere I went, havin older cats bent
Sayin shortie 13 will represent
So realize this wasn't just a one-night stand
Cause I seduce ears infinitely once rhymes land
Nowadays LP's just might have one nice jam, and a remix
But 85 is just too blind to see this
I didn't plan to be this, I was mathematically implanted in time
With a ???? wind
Yo, is you with me? Cause Babylon be always out to get we
The black cops about 50-50


[ VERSE 2: J. Sands ]
Aiyo, a lotta cats can only see the bad in rap
Matter of fact, they only focus on what it lacks
Yeah, I know about the frontin MC's, and yeah, they wack
Plus the jokers who be makin the tracks, but check it, black
Politickin ain't gon' take nothin back, so keep it movin
Be a contribution to hip hop, that's what we're losin
Let the seeds know about Soulsonic, Mantronix
Rock Steady, Fab Five Freddy, Busy Bee, Moe Dee
And how BDP taught 'Poetry'
Plus we can't forget the DJ's and graffiti
If you agree, then please proceed to follow me
I take you through dimensions, just lend me your attention
So you can make your own comprehension of what I mention
See, knowledge is power, wisdom's used as the extension
To make the understanding more clearer is my intention
So head's gon' be left out hangin in suspension like a lynchin
A lotta cats rhymes' are full of tension
Can't even walk the block without the bodyguards and henchmen
Paranoid and always flinchin, even your crew talkin dissentient
They see the 'masquerade' like George Benson
Lone Catalysts, strategists of the new world
I used to love H.E.R. too, but now I'm focused in on you
Cause you will be the one who takes us to the next millennium
The Most High controls the universe like a pendulum
Swingin back and forth, forth and back and forth
Balancin nine planets on a circular course
There's no remorse, MC's need to carry the weight
And bury the hate, and realize these are serious stakes
No time to waste, cause we're livin in a high-tech state
So listen close, so there won't be no debate

Iris Klein zieht aus dem Haus von Daniela Katzenberger und Lucas Cordalis.
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Iris Klein zieht aus dem Haus von Daniela Katzenberger und Lucas Cordalis.
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Robert Geiss erleidet Verlust durch Brand seines Porsches

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