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Renaissance Songtext

Sitting at the lakefront working on my next LP
At 55th and LSD and you will see
You see something about the water man, it soothes the soul
Rinses, cleanses, and keeps us all
I swear without nature I'd go insane
On these concrete streets, I can't maintain
Woke up this morning in a vile ass mood
So I came to the lake to change my attitude
And my altitude, with a blackened mind
I'm wondering what made Malcolm smile
In the midst of hate, and ostracism
How do people maintain in the optimism?
Sometimes I think I'm losing mine
If I ain't writing or producing, I'm one step from losing my mind
I gotta loosen up and find a way to unwind without no weed and wine
I'm peeping out the people as they pass me by
I see a thieving fly flavor and I'm asking for a sign
Staring at the skyscrapers, scratching the sky
Blocking out the sunshine, got me asking why
It don't matter where you at if you don't know the time
If you need a lift, hold tight, you 'bout to climb
Keep the elevation for your soul, body, and mind
The renaissance, the renaissance
It don't matter where you at if you don't know the time
Wise words I heard as a youth still in my mind
Feeling divine, revealing the sign, for healing the blind
Cause too many cats have been locked or killed in the crime
Where I live stick-up-kids concealing the nine
They stealing your shine, front how I live spilling your spine
Chicken-heads is a dime a dozen willing to grind
Mad kids, no husbands, there's a million fine
Through out my area code, it's mass hysteria mode
Shaken got us feeling like inferior foes
But no (?) myself, my interior grows
Makes it felt when I deliver my exterior blows
What did you think? I want my pockets full
Very possible, because this world is filled with lots of jewels
The best one is the one that last forever
Cause it's the one you treasure, the principle of pleasure
Through the eyes of the wise, let me paint a picture
Sands without the Rawls, like the J without the mixer
We spit the scripts so hot, your ears blister
That's why you cop a fixture of the all natural elixir
Combined with The Catalysts makes it hazardous
To those who think not and want to test the fabulous
I take you out, then bring you back like Lazarus
J Sands, Capital D, the strategists
We using music as an answer to this inner city cancer
I guess I'm blessed with my chance to advance the
Hip-hop art, and add my add spark
The catechist to the catalysts spreading light on the dark
So we embark on a journey from here to win
From the land of three rivers to the city of wind
With the pen, we ascend on air like The Nonce
With my fellow confidants, continue in the renaissance
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