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There's a jar of salt water, sits behind my eyes.
If I tip to far over, you'll see it's no lie
It's been there as long as I remember myself
And trickles a little, when I'm by myself

I wove a great story, to tell all who'd hear
Of murder and theft, and a message so clear
If for all of the glory, your heart is the cost
That jar of salt water, will be shattered and lost

But a foul wind was blowing, so mean and so still
Stirring the fate, to make real of my tale
And I like a boat, on a langourous sea
Was blind to the dangers, that hankered for me

The killer, he hooked me, and reeled me in
I looked in his eyes and saw nothing within
As soon as I saw him, I knew I would die
Two moonless black oceans, in sockets bone dry

My bones for the doorframe, my skull for the wall
A loft on a placard, on a prominent wall
My skin for a blanket, to scare winds so wild
My heart on the table, my teeth for the child

But what if the water, salt secrets I held
Unkindly discovered, as here I tell
I see through the walls, so I'll sing it myself
My salt water sits, in a jar on the shelf
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