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Tk-421 Songtext

I can't understand why my life
Would warrant discussion or gossip
My conquests and accomplishments are minimal
It's like some new false language
I can't understand
Maybe I wasn't really listening
You see I don't speak for the sake of speaking
I speak from the heart, my words reveal me
That's why I have nothing to say to you
It's amusing that you consider yourself
Some great reward...Oh,
So beautiful...So precious.....astounding
And if I caused you distress in your life
It's because I've deemed yours worthless
I think nothing of chewing you up
And spitting you out Because I consider you nothing.
I'm alive
I'm a lie
I am awake
I've awoken
I denounce you
I forgive you
I am reborn
You always said you'd be there
To pick me up when I fell down
Your out-stretched hand, enclosed in mine
And I took you right down
You knew some day I wouldn't be there
I knew I'd kick you in the ass
I just couldn't stand to see you disrespect yourself,
To destroy yourself,
And to destroy me with you.
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Kilgore - Tk-421
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