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Nothin' but the best females caught in the midst of promises
But a nigga can't fade me
AJay got my back, (On the real, though)
And kept it tightly

Promises on real, I done heard so many say
"II Tru, we want you to sign this rap deal." (Straight up)
Still smilin'-faced foes, theys can't give me no ends though
Impress 'em hoes, then let my click come down in Benzos
I still pity for those that are taked
These here the dopest females
And in this rap game, we dominate
See, in other cities, behind closed doors
They smile in your face, and call you hoes
Those of you know who you are
Playa hatin' bustas, purebred, so I guess you played your part
From start to end, AJay click peeped your game
Believe your weed ain't enough to buy some trues, man
Reminiscin' back past to the day when we was cool
But you underestimated mentals of a real-ass true
Empty promises'll get you nowhere
I'm on that other level
To my dying day, AJay and II Tru, forever


Nothin' but the best females caught in the midst of promises
Tryin' to get on in this rap game
But the fools ain't about their business
What is this, dog?
You've been runnin' your grill on the real
Talkin' 'bout what you gon' do for my crew
But yet and still, we gots no deal
I feel ya, and it's true, comin' like a playa to ya
Straight from the heart, dog
No beatin' 'round the bush. I'm about my paper
Mistake your con, see we put a little trust up front
You perpin' like it's on, we about to roll
Royalties gon' bring some bucks, but what?
What's the hold up?
Yeah, AJay's ready to rumble
Archdog and II Tru, since 92
So we maintain humble to your game
But the plan made from the get-go done got changed
Want to split AJay from II Tru, instead of leavin' things the same
What a shame, many promises made, came through with a contract
Read in between the lines, put you in a bind, sista really can't sign that
Bet all that bull you talkin', AJay comin' in the game, regardless
Broken promises said to a true got us comin' up heartless


Tell me, am I wrong or what?
Didn't you say some money
Up front for us trues to sign the dotted-line?
Go in debt, then blow you up in this rap game
It was all good to a playa, like I let your hand show
Runnin' off at the flapper, then got you in the midst of a lingo
Even yet, though, you was on a mission with visions of knockin' booty
Excuse me, II Tru ain't comin' in
(We ain't even goin' down like that) on a ?
Trues with lyrics for days
It's no mistake, would've got your pay back
Right off the dream of real figures
If we rolled on the same page, dog
Was your intentions to break up this bond, fool?
Smoke weed with II Tru
Take advantage of a sister, then be through?
Must check you, you can go on' and playa hate
AJay can handle this
It's a fool's move to try to break up this tight click

Look at this fool, thinkin' he spittin' game
But if I might confess: impressed not
Nonetheless, your mouth be shoutin', when compared to the best
Promises, many times I done heard that "your word is your honor,"
Wastin' time and money to impress some trues
When a real fool wouldn't even bother
No holler for ya, no love either
Shyste one on the creep, who lick from so far back I was solo
Just makin' debut release (pushin' Darkside)
In the streets, spreadin' dirt
Tryin' to hurt two trues 'cause they won't convert
Recognize, dog - AJay, baby, click thick, come to put in work
We backdoor for y'all foes on the down low, risin'
Open your eyes and you will soon realize it's (You ain't know?)
AJay, II Tru forever - promises made, kept true, bein' real with it
And like those of you who chose to come brand new
We cruise and it ain't no need to mention names
I'm a end mines
It's just so many promises in this rap game

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