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Mothers Reminisce Songtext

We got these mothers reminiscin' about their the children
We got to get in past the pain to start the healin'

To indebted with the pain
And misery dig impressions on all my shoulders
Mothers reminiscin' days of watchin' they child, the first grow older
But a common tragedy - that unexpected moment
That takes one out the game
To me, death rings to takes you under
Face to face with that destiny, no time for compromisin'
No matter who's in the wrong
'Cause life's the bitch that got us dyin'
Lost souls eternally comin' over trues I knew
June 3rd, Dawn passed and her unborn baby
Too - head on car collision on ?
Around the bend from the place she lived
A catastrophe - may she rest in peace at this dead end
A host of friends, I'm included
Knew her 'cause she was my partner's sista
Can't shake it - is it reality or somethin' my dreams done (?)
Baby Dawnesha took like it a visit to her Granny's home
Too young to remember her mother's face
Gotta tackle this world alone
Dang gone, reach the point of no return
Lord can You help me understand
Your reasons for takin' away from our families?
Morn the passin' of a true that I once knew, mothers reminisce
Hit home 'bout them lost souls that fell prey to this death kiss

One day, you're here; the next, you're gone
And that's for real
Said these ghetto blues was over
But they done got a sista faded still, and in my mind
I can't believe that they done put my
Closest sista underneath six feet deep
? we wasn't cool, 'cause I done let some
Outsiders come between some trues
And now I regret lettin' haters in between some thangs
That I can buy, deeper than to bleed
Mothers reminisce, ain't this a trip?
My sister's dead
These ghetto blues done got a sister faded once again
In bed, my head hurtin', worried, my nigga Dawn
Layin' it down and my sister in the dirt buried
And now I'm trippin', 'cause I can't feel this vibe
We just got finished toastin', now my career on the line
Blind on what the next man says
I know can't be - I just called the house
My sista can't be dead - mothers reminisce


We would like to dedicate this song to Dawn
Rest in peace
We'll miss you
We like to send our condolences to her beloved parents
Vivian Hall and Donald Hall; her brother Derk Hall;
And her beloved daughter, Dawnesha Hall;
And to all the mothers that have lost a beloved one
Mothers reminisce
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II Tru - Mothers Reminisce
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