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Release these chains on the down low, risin'
II Tru, backdoor for y'all foes
Release these chains from my body parts
II Tru, backdoor for y'all foes
Release these chains from my body parts

Comin' up in the game, II Tru, backdoor
Keep it on the hush hush, for they foes
Play it tight, bein' it real with it
Better learn to respect us, broads throw blows
You don't wanna see II Tru get nasty
Playa hate, it's all good, true
And through Brina comin' up with my backseat

Exactly how many fools on the down low
Had to see these playas on the risin' from a straight up ghetto status
And we trues on the ? I'm climbin', hittin' the peak of the rap game
Breakin' in the industry, sista is about as real as it get
Never put no fear in me heart (for real)
Recognize that backdoor, we've seen ya
And since you come shady off the riff
This Mo Thug family's sneakin' up on you, back-to-back
We splittin' wigs

Bustin' them hits, comin' at you II Tru, fools
I thought you knew this
Kickin' in doors - AJay roll, baby
Backdoor with the AJay click
No love for y'all hoes on the down low, risin'
Straight from the head, II Tru
Much love for my trues
Backdoor for you foes (foes), understand?
Thought you cluckers knew...

...where a sista comin' from
I done warned you about them shady ways that you displayed
II Tru with shady thoughts written on your face
Come, come, now busta, underestimate females
We got game - I got somethin' for ya backdoor, baby
These trues, you'll never fade


All I wanted to do was prove you wrong
Now a sista 'bout to rip sets on a nationwide tip
Recognize these trues settin' off top class
Respect, you don't wanna see me (that's real)
Brina gettin' outta hand on you, playa
All about that paper
Gettin' my respect, representin' somethin' major
Fakers tried to play me plenty times
Never had they game tight
I done came up on that ticket-meal
II Tru to the game to the day I die

No doubt, backdoor, comin' up, what?
II Tru rollin' with these Mo Thug niggas
Put it down in the studio
Let it flow - sista's gonna make all these figures
Listen here, son, 'fore I'm done
Mama Jhaz gonna make you realize II Tru's the best
I stress this backdoor - better recognize
Surprise, all y'all bitches, with nothin' but game
II Tru kickin' in backdoors
Lettin' it roll for the playa haters, man


Four years strong, puttin' in work
Knockin' on front doors, with nothin' but sad songs
Run around to the back with a sledgehammer
II Tru backdoor for y'all foes
What do you know?
Us trues sittin' back with a fat sack of that sticky
On the mental, II Tru come crucial, fool
You don't wanna get with me
On another level in the rap game
II Tru handle this like pros, keepin' it real
Lettin' y'all feel, still II Tru backdoor for y'all foes

You guessed it
It's the young and restless, 'bout to make fools feel it
Ain't worried about haters testin' my skills
I rips up, comin' up crazy
Tape sales is on the rise
And top notch is the way we dippin'
II Tru rapture since we come corrupt
Set it off is our only intention
Playa type with lyrics to get ya, competition for days
Do you wanna hang? Can't get with the II Tru
Comin' through the backdoor, rollin' with AJay (AJay)
Seen enoguh of the backside
Ain't nothin' but a hell rap for them cluckers to hate us
'Member all them times you tried to hold us down
Comin' up on the paper?
Mistake of your lifetime
Foot up in the door, 'bout to go for mine
Make way for these ladies
Puttin' in work for the nine-seven rap grind

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II Tru - Backdoor
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