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When I saw you Lyrics


Ian Cussick - When I saw you Songtext

one thing about love you can't predict
you're not even looking adn band, you get hit
what do you do, well you sure don't miss no signs
well, there I was on a friday night
the band was ok, my hair was just right
do the stroll, there was twentyfive girls in that line

when I saw you, when I saw you
doin? that dance right into my pants, romance
when I saw you, when I saw you
doin? that stroll right into my soul, ooh ooooh
when I saw you

well she was cool, but I was cooler
?cause in time that I knew i?d had the right shoes
jus add time, we were standing at the altar, you know
so maybe now we've put on a little weight
the band's still ok, my hair ain't so great
but there you go, and aint it just like fifteen years ago
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