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We will live forever Lyrics


Ian Cussick - We will live forever Songtext

in a world of broken dreams
and half forgotten kings
we run the game of chance
and try to reach for anything

and all this time
we head for different shorelines
across the sea
bringing hope to you and me
for the day will come for sure
like these waves here on the shore
when we'll look ahead and see that

we will live forever
together, forever in our hearts
we will be together
forever, and never will we part

and if we can see the rainbow
up there in the sky
then it all means the same
in the end
we will live forever in our hearts

there was a time
when the future was a mountain
far away
we heard everybody say
we will live through this day

we felt lost
when a madman
made Europe burn in flames
and the countless thousand names
through the hardship and the pain
had to play that silly game
but the world stood up again
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