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Ian Cussick - I needed love Songtext

Remember nights we had in moonlit old Algeria
We drank the sweetest wine
And thought we knew what love was for

But the storm it came
And with it rain
The days turned into years
Now only truth can set us free
From a river of tears

I needed love, I needed love
Not a handful of pity
Now the light in sight it grows
The further I go

I needed love, believed in love
Now I don't have to worry
It takes time to say goodbye
In the end the truth will show
I needed love

Too many times i've tried
To live the lies within myself
And through the tears and pain
I'ts me, the rain, and no one else

I won't stop now
Don't ask me how
I do the things I do
There is a truth beyond all truths
In these words to you
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