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Iain Matthews - The Power of Blue Songtext

Ridiculous, it's getting so ridiculous
I need to kick myself
Before you do
Impossible, ii's practically impossible
To find myself a hole
To crawl on through
Let's just get one thing straight
You don't underestimate
The power of blue

Ridiculous, it'sgetting so ridiculous
We're not talking kids' stuff
We're talking taboo
Fortunate, you know, I guess we're kinda fortunate
We know how to put an end to it
At least you do
I know you'll disagree
But nobody's saving me
From the power of blue

Ridiculous, it's getting so ridiculous
You need to call my bluff, you know that's true
Anytime, stop down and see me anytime
And meet this friend of mine
He's a lot like you
The question is why, of course
Signed regretfully yours
The power of blue

Album God Looked Down

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