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Iain Matthews - Ballad Of Gruene Hall Songtext

Said she felt like a spare wheel
On that Fourth of July
She just needed to talk to somebody
And he caught her eye

She was in from San Angelo
On her very first try
She thought he looked pretty cute out there
For a local guy

He was fresh out of high school
Never been with no girl
He thought she didn't belong
In that caked-up dance hall world

She said, I don't know what possessed me
It got me up on my feet
I had a vision of the two of us out
There, she said
Rosa and Pete

It was a July night when the blues came down
A July night in that one-horse town
A July night when the blues came down
In Gruene Hall

They?d been out in El Paso
On a third honeymoon
Why is it always the quiet ones
That leave so soon

She said, I won't forget my confusion
Turned to smile, he was gone
He'd been hummin' some gospel tune
About some glad morning

They said he fell in slow motion
I just heard him hit the floor
Idon't recall ever seein' them boys
Around here before !


She said, It's my dance of remembrance
It' s my dance of regret
It's my dance of forgiveness
I ain't about to forget

Don't wanna talk about Texas ;
Don't wanna talk about trust
Don't wanna talk about family ,
Can't even think about blood
Don't wanna talk about salvation
True love or defeat
Just wanna think about him and me, she said
Rosa and Pete


Album The Dark Ride (1994)

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