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Iain Matthews - Rooted On The Spot Songtext

I was staring backwards as you were
Tearing loose a scream
I can't fix this coffee
It won't make no steam
I can't believe what I just walked into
Now I'm rooted to the spot just
watchin' you

You say I should count my blessings
'Stead of giving you advice
You are my cohabitator
Not my sacrifice
My mind's so clear I don't know what to do
I'm rooted to the spot just
watchin' you

I was dancin' dancin' indiscreet
I could not groove
I could not find the beat
You shook me up and set me on my feet
Stopped this fumblin' fool
From dancin' indiscreet

I was cryin' mercy
Livin' off the gold we mined
Fifteen teams of horses could not
make me tow the line
You keep askin' what I'm gonna do
I'm rooted to the spot just
watchin' you

I was leaning back
While you were choking down a scream
You said, I cannot work miracles
Despite how it may seem
I can't believe what I just stepped into
I'm just rooted to the spot
watchin' you

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