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Iain Matthews - Perfect Timing Songtext

Oh girl are you really leaving now
Not on my account don't blame me
Oh girl are you gonna stand or fall
'Cause after all it won't hurt me
Oh girl you don't hear a thing I say

There's no such thing as perfect timing
Nothing's wrong but nothing's rhyming
There's no such thing as perfect timing
Nothing's deeper than what I'm in right now

Oh girl are you heading underground
Are you upside down, weIl not by me
Oh girl give me just a tiny clue, I'd kill for you
Just talk with me
Oh girl you don't hear a word I say

So you felt the power and the glory
You divided our whole world in two
Is there anything left you remember
I'll remember you

Oh girl how did we get into this
Just luck I guess, it's not like me
Oh girl don't turn and walk away from it

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