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Iain Matthews - Out of My Range Songtext

There you go what a sorry sight
You've been around the back laughing at
The ground all night
You're gonna waste yourself on a thing like that
She's an independent you know where that's at
You'd say
Let her run they're all the same
Let her fade away don't try to play that game
Where's the fire will y ou concentrate
It's a littler version of everything you hate
I think I'm losing you

You're out of my range again
You're making it plain
You're out of my range again

J know you cry it's the damndest thing
You've exercised your option now reel me in
I see you found the door weIl here's the key
Are there any more out there like me
I think they're fooling you

Show it don't be a hero
Go ahead show it nobody's near you
Why don't you take it
Why don't you take it

Album Pure and Crooked (1990)

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