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Iain Matthews - Nothing's Changed Songtext

There's A Redman In That Open Boat
Take A Picture -holy Smoke
Water's Rising- Will He Float
There's A Question Burning In My Brain
Did He Suffer, Was There Pain
Will It Ever Be The Same
When It All Comes Down, Nothing's Changed

There's A Smoke Plume In A Cloudless Sky
No-one Sent It, You Nor I
Someone Thought To Say Goodbye
There's A Warning On The Redman's Face
What A Smile, What A Waste
Where's That Happy Hunting Place
Better Take It All, Just In Case

Across The Dark Uncharted Skies
I Feel My Spirit Rise
Someone Sent The Rider Here Tonight
Out Across The Great Unknown
The Painted Ponies Glide
To Send That Long Time Rider Home

There's A Hole Right Through A Redman's Heart
Not A Soul Heard It Start
Not A Whisper, Not A Spark
There's An Omen In The Sky Today
Paint A Picture, Watch It Fade
Someone Took The Plains Away
When It All Comes Down, Nothing's Changed
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