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Every Crushing Blow Lyrics


Iain Matthews - Every Crushing Blow Songtext

You know when you go back to that place
That you left in such a hurry
Your heart remebers everything so clear
And you'd love to rerun all the times
When you could have said I'm sorry
Then you spot that car same colour make and year

You know that song about leaving on
The midnight train to Georgia
I can't stop it running through my mind
So what is all this hesitation
Goahead and call her
But you know she's not coming back this time

We run so far when it's time to go
We fall so hard with every crushing blow
'Til there is no light it's all we know
We fall so hard and we learn so slow

Now it's why and how and what if you'd just
Learned to face the music
Leaving always complicates this life
You know when you go back to that place
You left in such confusion
And everything just seemed so black and white
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