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Iain Matthews - Davey's Stung Songtext

Davey's stung, he's got that bug again
Davey's stung, he's fallen in lust again
Davey's stung and hurting
Davey says he needs a woman in his life
Someone to make him feel whole
He says I can't imagine what it's even like
He's out of control

Davey says this ain't the way it's supposed to be
Without a leg to stand on
And what's a man to do with all that
misery after she's gone


Davey says he had the real thing years ago
Full of peaks and valleys
She pushed him places he was not prepared to go
Opened his eyes

Now wait a minute, Davey
It's me you're preachin' to
Not some pretty face
For you to come on to

Davey says his world
Is such a phony place
It runs on who you are and who you know
What's it worth if she can't
Say it to your face
The girl has to go


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