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Iain Matthews - Cave in Songtext

Better call the neighbors
Telephone the kids
I think there's been a cave in
'cause of what I said

Home is where the pain is
Ain't that what they say
I've gone and caused a cave in
And you were in the way

Cave in
Cave in
Keep away

Look inside it's raining
It's coming down in sheets
It always takes a cave in
To get me on my feet

I've thought about escaping
Just going round the bend
If there's gonna be a cave in
I've gotta leave again

Cave in
Cave in
Keep away

This talking leaves me crazy
I know it drives you up the wall
There's been another cave in
And I can't talk at all

Cave in
Cave in
Keep away

Cave in
Cave in
Keep away

Cave in
Cave in
Cave in

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