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Hot Missouri Delta Dawn
It's July 1931
If I Had Shoes I'd Put Them On Today
Daddy's Hiding From The Man
There's Money In The Coffee Can
Says If I Need More, He Knows I'll Find A Way
Mama, She Can't Sleep At All
Them Noisy Folk Along The Hall
Know I'm Not Big Enough To Sort It Out
Will It Always Be Like This
She Got Her Story, He's Got His
And I'm Living In This 3 Story House

Greyhound Depot, Almost Noon
Eleven Fifty's Leaving Soon
Daddy's By The Window Blowing Kisses
Mama Says Enough's Enough
It's Time For Him To Quit This Stuff
Daddy Starts To Cry And Says He'll Miss Us
I Write Him Every Chance I Get
But I Ain't Had No Answers Yet
I Guess He Could Give A Damn What I'm About
They Say You Get All You Deserve
He Got His Story, She's Got Hers
And I'm Living In This 3 Story House

It's The Same Old Song
Just Another Delta Dawn

Hazy Evening Delta Sun
Mama Says Now Daddy's Gone
I'm Supposed To Set A Fine Example
But The Bitterness Keeps Flooding Back
Mama Calls It Tit For Tat
Says We're Given As Much Joy As We Can Handle
We'll Get By, We Always Do
And Whatever Daddy's Going Through
I Know He'll Find The Strength To Work It Out
It's Just Another Hill To Climb
They've Got Their Stories, I've Got Mine
And I'm Living In That 3 Story House

It's The Same Old Thing
It's Just Another Bell To Ring
It's The Same Old Song
Just Another Delta Dawn

Album A Tiniest Wham (2000)

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