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Hi, have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to some music?
Well this is your big chance
You see, music is much like a brocaded butterfly, with a shadowy promenade of effervescence, yet sloops down the bottom of misty mountains of darkness
Like a flirtatious flounder upon a non-reflecting mirror
God, what is this opaque window of comfort, that we cannot overcome?
It is a manifestation of love
It a forest of emptiness and it is an ocean with no water except where that which fills it
So as you listen to this masterpiece release yourself from the prison of captivity and let your soul free
Because only a free soul can be captured by greedy soul thieves
Who will have sold it to Leprechaun gold miners
But it is only when your soul is taken away, that you can take it back
And this my friend, does not make any sense whatsoever, or does it, no it does not
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Papercut Chronicles
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
Vor 2 Tagen
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
Sara Kulka: Kinder wissen von Klinikaufenthalt
Vor 2 Tagen
Sara Kulka: Kinder wissen von Klinikaufenthalt

Album The Papercut Chronicles II (2011)

Gym Class Heroes
  1. 1.
    Za Intro
  2. 2.
    Martyrial Girl$
  3. 3.
    Life Goes On
  4. 4.
    Stereo Hearts
  5. 5.
    Solo Discotheque (Whiskey Bitness)
  6. 6.
    Holy Horses**t, Batman!!
  7. 7.
    Ass Back Home
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
    Lazarus, Ze Gitan
  10. 10.
    The Fighter
  11. 11.
    Kid Nothing and the Never-Ending Naked Nightmare
  12. 12.
    Stereo Hearts (Soul Seekers Retronica Radio Edit)
  13. 13.
    Stereo Hearts (Dillon Francis Radio Edit)
Gym Class Heroes - Za Intro
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