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Problem melden

Hey Love Songtext

Peering out to horizons
Shadows wash away
Traveling onward, towards another day
Seems we've been moving slowly
With the setting moon
When then you ask me if I recall the tune
I've been falling, falling
You were saying
I agree the air is cold, but clear
Out here
Wanted to ask a question
How can I be sure
I caught you looking for any open door
Hidden beneath the surface
Underneath your smile
Are you left thinking
Its been a long, long while
Now i'm calling, calling
To your shadow
Now I don't know if I know
As far as I can go with you
So hey love, what's the matter?
Say love, could you take me away love
And let time go lightly
And pass through this gently on the breeze?
My love, don't you know we'll get by love?
For forever we'll try love
And i'll take my chances
Because I believe that it's true
There is nothing we can't do
Then you look past my shoulder
Something caught your eye
You note the colors
And all the passers-by
Leaning on old conclusions
There must be a way
Something within you smiles
And tells me it's o.k.

Now i'm falling, falling
You were saying
The only moment that feels true
Is when i'm all alone with you

In my dream I saw your face
Surrounded by violins
Then I occupied the space
That we've been drowning in
Let's begin again
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Boris Becker schuldet sogar Freunden Geld
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Grey Eye Glances - Hey Love
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