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Here am I
Who while away the mornings
Since you've gone
Too long have I lay alone
Not knowing which way to turn

And there you are
Quite sure that you were right,
Knowing full well
That I'd be the first one to go down.

And you'd be the onew ho was laughing
Ex-cept when things weren't going your way
And then the lady would say that she'd had enough
Wandering around on her own

The day you left
Well I think you knew you'd not be back,
Well at least it would seem that way
Because you never said good-bye.
But when it comes round to you and me
I'm sure it will work out al-right.

And you'd be the one who was laughing
And giving me something I don't need
And you know I'd always hold you and keep you warm
Oh! more fool me

Ah, but when it comes round to you and me
I ask myself do I really believe in your love
And yes, I'm sure it will work out alright
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