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(Intro- P'heno)
Man this fucking game is a trip
And some how your friend can be your enemy,
And your enemy can be your friend

It could be your homeboy, and your partner, comrad,
Friend of foe, watch out for the enemy
Because the enemy, you neva know nigga

[Lil' Gotti]
Jealousy and envy turn a friend to a enemy,
Lord forgive me, but i'm living in sin,
From these niggaz plotting to kill me and my family,
Supposed to be one of my own nigga, guess I was wrong
We was tatted on the arm, them breeders was born,
Remember Tofflandon, only da strong survive the weak they die
And blame all them other faults and mistakes in they lives
Nigga you knew me since junior high
Bitch nigga in disguise, behold the trader rebelled to the eye
The 45 slug be the reason you bustas die
Got no time for friends, ducking foes who wanna do me in
Clutchin' the mini mack 10, sreamin' Gambino's til' the end
Neva knew'em, why he had to be killin' me
Who's my enemy? I hope you niggas feeling me

[Chorus x1]

Father forgive me for this thug living, i'm living
But these bitch made niggas
They been bustas from the beginin', Gotti I told ya
Only the real soldiers understand the stories we tell,
Thuggin' wit you since the cell
From jail to stacking mail, unloading 4-5 shells
Sending these niggas to hell, nigga bail
Gambino niggas making platinum sales
Adversaries they wanna barry me deep,
It be the same mother fuckers, next to me when I sleep or creep
Nigga peep, the pain a breeder goes threw
When you have knowone to trust, knowone to turn to
This game is jealousy, wicked devils they be plottin' for wins
It be the same mother fuckers who pretend to be friends of me
Rather see, me on my ass then on my feet
Now who's the friend or the enemy,
You neva know

You see my momma always told me keep my eyes on your friends
And my enemies close ahead, but these demonds got a nigga possessed
I feel these punk bitches playin' in my death,
But all this greed and envy, got me green hard on thses streets,
But i'd rather regret it fucking sweeping and sweep
Its like the game got us young niggas playing for keeps
I used to ball wit my niggas,
Neva figure what made'em change
They sold they souls to the do'
But only the Lord can help'em
I keep my eyes on my friends for so much envy because the enemies,
You neva know


You neva know who the enemy be, niggas murdered my uncle
In cold blood on these city streets
It got my momma crying in her sleep, worrering me, i'm cursed to see
So much mother fucking mizzery, usrroundin' me
I feel like i'm standing in a pile of shells
I know my enemies want me to burn in hell
Thats why I keep my fucking eyes open, real wide, don't wanna die
Player haters coming, in disguise
I know my enemies, trying to put me to rest
Its like I here my enemies discussin' my death
My momma always told me that I ain't got no friends
The one you think he's your friends thats the one'll do you in

[Chorus x2]
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