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Clean Sweep Songtext

[Gotti talking]
Here's another dedication
To all you crooked ass badges out there
I want you to ask yourself
"Do you really wanna fuck wit' me?"

[chorus] 2X
It's a sweep to all my niggas pack your heats on tha streets
Hard times got these cops wit' beef, remember me

It's a sweep muthafucka, pack your heats on tha streets
I never gave a fuck about tha crooked ass police
You fake badge wearin' cowards wanna fuck wit' me
Instead of yellin' out peace and niggas still ain't free
Who's to blame for my fuckin' broken family
Uncle Sam never did a damn thing for me
But turn my father to a muthafuckin' dope fiend
And it's plain and see
The government they got plans for me
It's a penitentary
Preachers, they usually see another felony
I rather die wit' my glock n my hand
Then let them bastard ass judges lock me up again
I know I'm livin' a sin
But it's all that was given
N this world of breed
I take a hit of the weed
So all my niggas won't you breed wit' me
Keep your eyes open nigga, don't fall asleep
It's a clean sweep cuz these cops got beef

Chorus 2X

It's a clean sweep muthafuckas
Don't get caught n this game
These fuckin' laws premeditatin' wit' them pistols on name
I been cursed wit' what it was worth so I'm cockin' back my uzi
Fuck it, I rather bust before I let these bitches do me
A clean sweep
Fuck you gettin' these blacks up out tha streets
Talkin' 'bout stop the violence when y'all steady pushin' heat
Our government is goin' sour
Everybody want the power
So watch your back my niggas, they down' to y'all every hour

Let it be know, Tuesdays and Thursdays a clean sweep
You gotta be careful not to get caught n tha city streets
The FEDz
The N.O.P.D's
Wanna lock every hustla up and throw away the keys
It's hard to stop hustlin' when you know you doin' bad
You wanna hop n that fast lane, and spend you some cash
A few of my homies put n tha cell for life
And finally a second chance, so they can think twice
A nigga can't even watch or shoot dice for fun
Here come the police now, a nigga gotta run
Sometimes I fear I'm trapped n a white world
It's hard for a black person to make up a bundle sell
The government taxin', the police is hatin'
Everywhere that a nigga go, I feel it was satan
Maybe it's time for me to get off tha city streets
Before the law fuckin' go off, A CLEAN SWEEP

Chours 4X

It's a clean sweep
For niggas like me that's totin' heat
I play the game for keeps
Til' I'm buried 6 feet
Crooked police
They usin' up my name n vein
Hate to see a nigga ballin' worldwide n this rap game
Who to blame
For them niggas disappear doin' 20 years
Wit' the president, open your eyes and ears
To this shit that's goin' on n my community
There's never unity
Until my niggas is free
The penitentary for the muthafuckas like me
That was swept off his feet n this white man's society
Pushin' dope's the only way to survive
Government put that shit here so we can live or die
Killed to cry
I wonder why niggas stay high
Runnin' the streets, these muthafuckas fuckin' wit' me
Why must it be
You never wanna put me n the clean sweep
They wanna put me n the clean sweep

Chorus 4X
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