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[Fiend talking]
Yo, Yo
What's up to all my muthafuck soldiers,
My thugs, my warriors, my survivors out there
It's Fiend excited private wit' C-muthafuckin' Murder,
Q.B., Gotti, and Mr. Magic
When we hit 'em we hit 'em hard u heard me

Chorus [Fiend] 2X
Don't cry now
Nigga, don't wine now
We'll make it that yo people can't identify yo ass now

Launched n missiles
And grams and pistols
Blastin' these things that whistle
Burnin' up shits u
And fuck it I won't miss u
A lethal weapon my profession
500 G's
500 G's that put inches n yo life
Surounded by 500 please
Remember n grieves
Tha solider to beez
Wit' a fro
I beents out smokin' trees
Hit tha Z's
Made 'em breeze
And blow to they knees
Ran over interstreets
By a tank on D's
I stank theese
Wearin' some black chains and a safety
Y can't we just get along
I'm gettyon Jones
I'm known
For breakin' bones
Believin' that I ain't wrong
Introducin' yo shows
And a strong Whomp! Whomp!

Chorus 2X

Young niggas dyin' n my city
And I ain't showin' no pity
So I'm holdin' my head
Trynna keep from an early grave
Known as tha "Path that's Laid"
Lord forgive me simple wayz
But I was lost n tha game
Strapped n, through theese tryflin' streets
Knowin' that tha "Breed of Life" might bury me
But I ain't worried, I'm holdin' chrome
Protectin' my dome
I'm trapped n a storm
Catched these folks that trynna do me home
Wit' crisis over my head
Nigga dodgin' tha FEDz
They rather see me n a cell
Nigga trapped n jail
I make bail
And me and Pheno raisin' hellllllllll

I represent Uptown
Make tha wrong move u get bucked down
Dude, fuck now
Q.B. on tha buck round
No hesitation, no status
Pack a nine automatic
And to pull a bullet to n yo family
Niggaz don't really wanna see us rhyme
We puttin' niggaz on tha news and givin' 'em muthafuckin' t.v. time
Respect tha name n tha authority
And a nigga barged n tha same room so nigga naw wit' us uh
Q muthafuckin' B we would never run
We back shit
Bitch niggaz get they back twisted
We crack shit
Niggaz need to get they fuckin' practice
Don't fuck wit' my crew and let us snatch this

I'm gon' raise hell muthafucka
Hope ya'll ready for me
I can move wit' tha nite, I got veins on my teeth
I'm from tha 9th Ward
Home of tha killas and wigsplitters
And lots of dead bodies
I heard a twelve-year hit it
I've been trained by tha best
Bring yo cop killaz
And I won't wear a vest
And u still facin' death
Don't cry now
Bitch nigga, don't wine now
Cuz I'm all up n ur shit
And u figure, U 'BOUT TO DIE!
Hold on, wait a minute, I smell pussy
Still wet behind tha ears, lil boy u still a fuckin' wookie
U messin' wit' a hard hitta
(automatics shooting)

Chorus 4X

They label me a crazy muthafucka wit no hesitation
I'ma blast wit' a sawed off strip, to a niggaz ambition
I'm Bossalinie
And I roll wit' these TRU thugs
Givin' niggaz meanmugs
>From tha ghetto I get much love
Ain't no muthafuckin' crosses
Wit' all these crime bosses
Nigga, Nigga, make a move
I'll have u sleepin' wit' dead dudes
My tattoos, represent my identity
It reveals tha hard-will of a hard-kill nigga that's n me
My enemies on a rampage, tryn avoid my presence
Fearin' imediate death, like a fateful pheasant
N my kingdom, only strong soldiers live, that's tha law
Of tha ghetto, I broke my hand on a fool's jaw
I'm southpaw
Hand to Hand combat, it's very neccesary
My first option, is fightin' all my advercaries
That nigga flinched, when my muthafuckin' gun went "POW"
U heartless muthafucka, don't cry now

Chorus 6X

[Fiend talking again]
There, u muthafuckin have it
Some of tha youngest hard niggaz n tha muthafuckin' world
Understand this here
Us soldiers, No Limit Soldiers til' tha world blow up
Or a god show up
U HEARD ME!!!!!!
Don't cry now
If yo people can't identify yo ass now
Take me out this muthafucka
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