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Hol′ up, wait
That's that bitch (Torey, I know what to do with it)
That′s that gas, that global high
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm on one, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm on one, I′m on one
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I′m on one, I'm on one

My lil′ one sprayed the clip and threw his arm out of place
We too rich to worry 'bout a murder case
Telling on yourself is the only way you wanna escape
Call me Michael Phelps for swimming in your face
Pop it so I can focus, count this cake
Skin it, but my pockets out of shape

ATL all the cars California plates
Fight for my, they gon′ gеt it brack-bracking
Four Tray gangsters, they gon' get it crack-cracking
ABK gon′ walk a down, straightjackеt
Go psychotic 'bout this, ain't just rapping
Pulling robberies in this, we ain′t just trapping

If another body drop, the feds might just snatch me
Man down, I′ma be overseas when it happen
Word around town, got them Ps in the attic
I'm applying pressure in the field, John Madden
Hundred thou′ vacuumed sealed up, I'm just stacking it
Finessing is a sport, caught me a yellow one like Fabolous

Four-twenty-five, two stone, check the clarity
I′m on one, I'm on one, yeah
Hold up, slow down, wait, catch up (catch up)
I′m on one, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm on one, I'm on one
I got a different type of body built (ayy)

All my rocking Audemar (hold up)
All my rocking Rollie, Audemar, Patek (hold up)
Bustdown thotiana, bustdown thotiana
Bust down a thotty with a bustdown, yeah
I hate bein′ in my feels, I hate twenty dollar bills
We too famous to be goin′ on no drills, nah, for real

Never been up to my record label, never knew the deal
Said she wanna see the world and she tired of sitting still
I'ma take her to Paris, her on that Ferris wheel
Take her to see Cristiano, her in that Benz Viano
Champions League, there′ll be a driver for you on arrival
When I finally see ya, all I wanna see is

Right hand, right knee, left hand, left knee
Make that wave, make that jet ski, what?
I don't know why the tryna test me, what?
I′m just all about my goals like Ovechkin, what?
I'm just all about my goals like I′m Messi, what?
Being a messy, shit do not impress me, what?
I could never be your man, I'm your bestie, what?
And I never liked you, so don't text me

I′m on one, I′m on one (okay, okay)
Outside my body, I'm on one (okay, okay)
Yeah, hold up, wait, slow down, catch up (okay, okay)

All my rocking Audemar
All my rocking Rollige, Audemar, Patek
Bustdown thotiana, bustdown thotiana
Bust down a thotty with a bustdown
Okay, okay
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