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Frank Zappa - Jewish Princess Songtext

I Want A Nasty Little Jewish Princess
With Long Phony Nails And A Hairdo That Rinses
A Horny Little Jewish Princess
With A Garilc Aroma (that Could Level Tacoma)
Lonely Inside
Well, She Can Swallow My Pride

I Want A Hairy Little Jewish Princess
With A Brand New Nose, Who Knows Where It Goes
I Want A Steamy Little Jewish Princess
With Over-worked Gums, Who Squeaks When She Cums
I Don't Want No Troll
I Just Want A Yemenite Hole

I Want A Darling Little Jewish Princess
Who Don't Know Shit About Cooking And Is Arrogant Looking
A Vicious Little Jewish Princess
To Specifically Happen With A Pee-pee That's Snapin'
All Up Inside
I Just Want A Princess To Ride

Awright, Back To The Top... Everybody Twist!

I Want A Funky Little Jewish Princess
A Grinder; A Bumper (with A Pre-moistened Dumper)
A Brazen Little Jewish Princess
With Titanic Tits, And Sand-blasted Zits
She Can Even Be Poor--
(so Long As She Does It With Four On The Floor)

I Want A Dainty Little Jewish Princess
With A Couple Of Sisters Who Can Raise A Few Blisters
A Fragile Little Jewish Princess
With Roumanian Thighs, Who Weasels 'n' Lies
For Two Or Three Nights
Won't Someone Send Me A Princess Who Bites
Won't Someone Send Me A Princess Who Bites
Won't Someone Send Me A Princess Who Bites
Won't Someone Send Me A Princess Who Bites
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