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Problem melden

Soldered Eyes Songtext

Taking a stroll just to feel the day
Leaves and wires were playing like children.
Lighted walkways to guide me safely
The glow more perfect than sunshine.

And off to the side,
The sun in my eyes
The electricity was just music.
The traffic flows,
An orchestration,
This river reminds me of something.

There was time that I could have felt
Safe in the sun.
A beggar princess to shade the better
Parts of my mind.
Caught in the lamplight
Frozen in space,
This machine could just fill me.

The beginning of beauty and all
That I hoped for.
Surely mistaken?

There was time
When I was just worthless.
Lost in ideas
That destroyed my very soul.
Oh the folly
In that thinking!
Machines are the true children
Of god.

Man's only virtue
Building, destroying, waiting in sickness.
Our only children
A progeny perfected, inherently mistaken.

When I wish upon a star and wake up
Where the clouds are far behind me...

This machine could be the beginning of beauty,
But all I once hoped and thought,
For I was surely mistaken.

The machine in my eyes.
The machine esoteric, lover, held me in shackles.
And all my original thoughts and feelings
Are skewed and disparaged.

Open my eyes!
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Every Other Time - Soldered Eyes
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