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Machine That Dreams Songtext

It is time, to reach beyond this empty life.

Time will go by for me but not you.
This failing smile will soon die,
Leaving you alone with your perfection.
And I just might hold you back,
If you could feel humiliation.

Just to love you
I learn not to love.
Just to be you and
For us to be one.

And I was hiding in my own clever disguise.
A scarecrow, on a pedestal, to fool my feeble mind.
Frail mistakeful body has kept me back in time,
If I could find the means and measure
To make it so much better.
Simple human husk, scarecrow foolishness has
Held me down just long enough.
Now's the time to change.

This is the path, that I must take
To kill so I can live again as a Lazarus machine.
Grafting these wires like veins,
Wrapping around my searing face
And I must make it better.

Keep your eyes to the stars,
It keeps your mind in line
Because pain is such a worthless
Human emotion.

This will only hurt a little bit
Nothing I can't get over
Pain will not stop me, it could never stop me.
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Every Other Time - Machine That Dreams
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