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Europe - Lyin' Eyes Songtext

I can tell – just by the look
In your eyes, that the love is gone, that I once took
So much has changed in the way you live
I bet there's nothing left that you can ever give

The words of a madman are spoken
I guess I'm the only one
The heart of a sad man is broken

Eyes lyin' eyes
You can fool anyone without disguise
Eyes lyin' eyes
Your look is as cold as ice

It's in your blood, it floats in your veins
I scarify myself but all I feel is pain
You've done me wrong, you have been bad
But it's the last time a battle is lost
Where I'm the one who's sad

I wish you'd die, I wish you'd break down and cry
I wish you'd move and then I know I'd be satisfied
Can't you see I'm on the edge, I can't look down
It's me who's lost and never found
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