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Engelbert Humperdinck - There's Something Wrong in Paradise Songtext

Humperdinck Engelbert
Step Into My Life
There's Something Wrong In Our Paradise
... moment to consider
The way you feel right now
Something's happen - something's different
And it's changing us somehow
There's a real bad feeling in the air tonight
And a cool wind is blowing
And it's just isn't right

There's something wrong in our paradise
There's something - did we pay the prize?
Did we have too much - too soon to let the feelings grow
There's something wrong in our paradise
We won't last long if we're telling lies
Gotta fight for it - tonight we gonna hold it right

Is there something you're not saying
In the corner of your mind
Maybe someone made you happy
They say new love is so blind
I would hate to lose you
And I can't deny there's nothing I want do
To keep this love alive
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