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Die Happy - Paralyzed Songtext


For the first time you are falling
No-one hears you calling
No more time for you self-apologies
For the first time you're feeling the burning star
And you're bleeding
Have you gone too far to raise your head?

You hit the ground -
There's no way out
You're asking questions
(asking why)
Losing direction

So tell me how it feels
(how it feels, how it is,
Keep on telling me about it)
Are you paralyzed?
So tell me how you feel
Time to open up your mind!

I am so sorry you are hurting
Hate to see you crawling
Maybe you'll be better off this way
Can't you see you were mistaken
The thin ice kept on breaking
Mabe you will understand one day

So tell me mother fucker, tell me how it feels
It's hard to be a sucker, time for getting real
So tell me how does it feel?
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