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Die Happy - Easy Come Easy Go Songtext

it's half past 2
and I'm looking out my window
I see an airplane in the sky
I spend my time, my precious time,
only waiting
for a perfect moment to come by

it's half past 3
and I'm drinking my fifth coffee
watch the sun walk towards the south
I've been sitting here for hours
but my confidence is fucking
with my doubt

as soon as I arrived
I wanna go away
it's definitely clear that
I'm not gonna stay

calling the universe
I'm ready to be the first who
doesn't want to take it slow
easy come, easy go

I'll never ever ever come back
this is a one way track 'cause
I don't want to take it slow
easy come, easy go

it's half past midnight, I feel sleepy
I lay my body on a cloud
I hope it makes me over
brings me somewhere
far away from where I'm now

the night is gone
the sun is rising
just like a light-bulb in my life

it's gotta be, gotta be in my blood
ask me if I'm ready or not
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