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Amore Amore Lyrics


David Hasselhoff - Amore Amore Songtext

Two people who met from two different worlds,
amore amore,
an Italian boy and a rich little girl,
amore amore,
they've all been saying it loud and clear.
I'm just no good for you but I say ?
amore amore.

Elisabeth, with every breath I will fight for you
my destiny is with you girl.
Elisabeth, you are the best and I'm right for you
a little town with little minds we'll leave it all behind
our life begins today, amore amore.

I'm fixing the phone and I'm looking the door,
amore amore,
nobody will hurt you no not anymore,
amore amore,
tomorrow we'll be far away from cold hypocrisy
in sunny Italy and amore amore.
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